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Latest News

End of the Year Closeout

We have a good number of 2016 bikes in the shop already, and we have more on the way. Why are we telling you about this? Because it means we need to make room, so we're having a sale... Click here to read more.

Spring Has Sprung!

It is officially bike riding season in West Virginia! We have had a LOT of things going on at the shop that we want to let you know about, but not enough time to stop and post it here. Some super cool bikes have come into the shop, and we have a couple events that you need to know about... Click here to read more.

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Upcoming Events

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Our Staff

Jared Coming Soon

Jared is the shop's new owner as of July 2014. He has been an employee in various bike shops for 15 years in between teaching PE in schools. He has a passion for two-wheeled recreation, only equalled by his enthusiasm for popcorn. Jared is an active rider on road and mountain bikes, and has spent many hours on a touring bike commuting and exploring the country on multi-day excursions.

Josh Coming Soon

Josh is the mechanics department chief at Charleston Bicycle Center, and leads a weekly mountain bike ride in the Kanawha State Forest. He has spent lots of time on the road and commuting, but these days he spends most of his two-wheeled time on either a BMX or mountain bike.

Dave Coming Soon

Every bike shop needs a wizard, and Dave is ours. He has worked in numerous bike shops for over 40 years, so he knows a thing or two. Dave gets excited over anything fat-tired, and spends most of his bike time in the woods in Kanawha State Forest. He is also a first-chair trumpet player in the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra and a professor at West Virginia State University, so his bike-time is severely underfed.

Andrew Coming Soon

Andrew is the head of the flat repair department and chief triathlon consultant. He has been cycling and triathlon-ing seriously for several years and plans on racing more and more in the future. Watch for him in West Virginia road races and triathlons. Come see him at the shop if you need a new ride or a new tube.

Scott Coming Soon

Scott is one of the area's most progressive and well-respected BMX riders. He has quickly risen to head of the BMX affairs department due to his 20 years of experience. He can also be found shredding on his guitar or mountain biking in his free time. Before his employment at the bike shop, he earned a living cooking your dinner in one of Charleston's finest eateries.