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Charleston Bicycle Center strives to be your go-to destination for all your cycling needs, including fixing what's broken on your two-wheeled fleet.

Below, you will find a few of our most popular services and prices for them, subject to change at our discretion. Bicycles that require excessive repairs may cost more than the prices listed.

There is also a form you can use to submit your more specific questions to a mechanic. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tune Ups

Light Tune Up | $45

Adjust Shifting and Braking, Inspection for Safety and Wear, Lube Chain and Cables, Tire Inflation.

Basic Tune Up | $70

True Wheels, Bearing Check, plus Light Tune Up.

Elite Tune Up | $175

Clean Bike, Drivetrain Sonic Clean, BB/Headset Bearing Removal and Cleaning, plus Basic Tune Up.

Ultimate Tune Up | $295

Complete Disassembly, Inspection, and Service, Install New Cable/Brake Housing, plus Elite Tune Up.
Add $30 for internally-routed hydraulic disc brakes.

Standard Procedures

Wheel True | $20

Check tension, lateral and vertical alignment of rim.
Add $10 for spoke replacement.

Hydraulic Bleed | $40

A hydraulic disc brake or dropper post system flush (as needed) and refill with fluid, price per each item.

Suspension Service | $40

Includes necessary oil and labor for regular maintenance of forks or shocks.

Chain Wax Treatment | $40

A 3 - step cleaning and waxing with SILCA's efficient, quiet, long lasting Secret Chain Blend wax.

Flat Repair | $7.50

We will check your tire for thorns, tacks, radial wires, and anything else that may have caused you to get a flat and fix it in only a few minutes. Price of the new tube varies and is not included.

Bicycle Assembly from a Box | $100 - $200

If you have purchased a bicycle online or had one shipped to you, we will assemble and tune your bike for you. The actual cost of this service will vary depending on the kind of bicycle involved; single-speed BMX bikes require less set-up than full-suspension mountain bikes, for example.

Boxing a Bike to Ship | $40.00

If you need to ship a bike for a destination race or because you have sold it online, we will happily help insure that it arrives safely on the other end of shipment. Package handlers have a reputation for being less than delicate with boxes, and the best way to keep your bike safe is to pack it well.

Tune Up and Standard Procedure pricing includes labor to perform the service. Replacement parts are additional.

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